3 Things To Consider When You Install Solar Panels

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Deciding to install solar panels for your home is a significant step toward not only reducing your energy bills but also contributing positively to the environment.

If you are contemplating the switch but getting wrapped up in the costs and complexity, many homeowners share your concerns, especially when considering the investment required and the intimidating task of selecting the right installer.

At Solar Energy Host, we understand these hurdles and are committed to making the switch easier. Let's explore how easy and beneficial it can be to install solar panels in your home. Here are a few things to consider.

#1: The viability of solar panels

Assessing your local solar potential

If you want to get an idea of how much you can save before you install solar panels, you can use tools like the PVWatts Calculator from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This tool helps you understand the amount of energy your panels might produce based on your location, offering insights into the savings and efficiency you could see.

You can also speak to local solar providers to learn about the benefits of installing solar panels at home.

Local regulations and permits

Each area has its own set of regulations concerning the installation of solar panels. It's important to understand these local guidelines, which can include zoning laws, building codes and specific permits required before installation begins. You can contact your local building department or work with a solar installation company for guidance.

Evaluating your home's solar viability

The condition of your roof matters since it needs to support the weight and structure of the panels. Additionally, the orientation and angle of your roof affect how much sunlight your panels can capture.

Shading from trees or nearby buildings can also impact the performance of your rooftop solar setup. Detailed assessments by solar installers can offer a clearer picture of what solar panel installation might look like for your specific situation, how effective it would be and what changes could be made.

#2: The right provider and plan

Choosing the right solar provider

Selecting the ideal solar provider is a pivotal step in transitioning to solar energy. At Solar Energy Host, we'll help you find a provider that aligns with both your financial and environmental goals with a comprehensive comparison.

You can get detailed profiles of top rated solar installers in your area. You'll be able to view multiple quotes and offers to compare and make an informed decision based on the specifics of your energy requirements and local availability.

Planning and designing your solar system

Once you've selected your provider, the next step involves detailed planning and design of your solar system. This stage allows you to adapt the setup based on your home's architecture, your energy consumption and optimal sun exposure.

Your provider will work closely with you to come up with a setup that maximizes efficiency and aligns with your energy goals, whether it's solar panels on a flat roof or even a system installed on the ground.

#3: Making the most of your solar setup

Federal and state incentives

State incentives are designed to offset the initial cost to install solar panels and make them more accessible, though their availability can vary by location. These may include tax credits, rebates and grants designed to lower the financial barriers to solar adoption.

You can look into these government benefits early in your planning process before you install solar panels to ensure that you maximize the financial benefits available to you.

Rely less on the grid

Incorporating off-grid battery storage systems when you install solar panels can boost your energy independence. This technology allows you to store excess power generated during peak sunlight hours, use it during periods of low sunlight and minimize your reliance on the grid.

The ability to store and manage your own energy can reduce your utility bills and give you a consistent, reliable power supply. Besides increasing your self-sufficiency, this setup reduces the need for fossil fuels and benefits the environment.

Leverage your property value

Houses equipped with solar panels often attract a premium in real estate markets, reflecting the growing consumer interest in sustainability and energy efficiency.

This increase in property value is a compelling reason for many homeowners to consider solar installations. Solar panels provide not just utility savings but also substantial returns in the event of a property sale. Plus, when you install solar panels, you contribute to a home's appeal, offering future buyers the benefit of reduced energy costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What factors should I consider before installing solar panels?

Assess the solar potential of your location by checking how much sunlight your area receives. Also, consider the solar panel mounting. Check if it is viable to install solar panels on your roof—not just structurally but also in terms of orientation and shading. A roof that receives ample sunlight with minimal shading typically yields the best results.

Check your local zoning laws and building codes, as well as any incentives like tax rebates or grants that might affect the installation cost and feasibility. Lastly, consider your household's energy consumption to determine the size and type of solar system that would most effectively meet your needs. Your solar installer will be able to help you with these and other concerns you may have.

What is the difference between on-grid and off-grid solar systems?

On-grid systems are connected to the public electricity grid. They are ideal for those who can access the grid easily and want the security of a backup power source. On-grid systems allow for net metering, where excess power generated by your solar panels is sent back to the grid, often resulting in credits from your utility company.

Off-grid systems are not connected to any utility grids and are entirely self-sustaining. Off-grid systems require a robust battery setup to store electricity for use when solar energy is not being produced, such as at night or on cloudy days. This type is suitable for off-grid living where grid access is hard to get or too expensive.

Are there any maintenance costs associated with solar panels?

Solar panels are remarkably low-maintenance. To maintain efficiency, they just have to be cleaned periodically to remove any dirt or debris that could block sunlight.

You can have your system inspected occasionally by a professional to ensure everything is functioning correctly and to address any potential issues before they lead to significant repairs.

Most providers offer long-term manufacturer warranties that cover any defects. These warranties ensure that any potential issues are resolved without significant expense, providing long-term security on your investment.

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What are the benefits of installing solar panels on my home?

Deciding to install solar panels on your home is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Here's why choosing to get a solar panel installation service can be incredibly rewarding, both for your wallet and the planet:


Save on electricity bills

Imagine lowering your monthly expenses without having to cut back on your use of gadgets or appliances. When you get solar panels installed for your home, this is possible. By producing your own renewable energy, you're less dependent on the power grid. The amount you save depends on the size of your solar panel installation and local electricity rates, but the potential for savings can be significant.

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Make a positive environmental impact

Choosing solar panels means opting for a clean energy source that doesn't emit harmful greenhouse gasses. When you install solar panels, your household's carbon footprint shrinks, contributing to global efforts for a healthier planet. This shift to green energy not only feels good but does good, too.

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Boost your home's value

Investing in solar panels not only benefits the environment but also your property's market value. Homes equipped with a solar panel system can potentially sell for more than those without a home solar panel installation. If you're considering selling your home down the line, this could give you a competitive edge in the market.

A solar panel installation can offer financial and environmental advantages that extend beyond immediate savings. Solar installations represent a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle while potentially increasing your home's value and contributing to a greener planet.

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How many solar panels are needed to power a house?

Wondering how many solar panels you need to power up your house? It's a great question, especially when you're considering the solar installation cost. The answer is that it really depends on a few things about your home and what you want from your solar panels, such as:

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How big your home is and how much energy you use. Bigger homes or homes that use a lot of electricity usually need more solar panels.

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Where you live. If your home gets a lot of sunshine, a solar panel installation company might not need to install as many solar panels as those who live in places that don't get a lot of sun during the year.

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The type of solar panels. Some solar panels can be powerful, allowing them to make more electricity, even if you have less space on your roof. This could mean that you only need a few solar panels to complete the solar panel installation process.

Since there's a lot to think about, it can be helpful to use a tool to help you figure out exactly what you need based on your home, your location, and your energy goals. This way, you can hire the right solar installer for your needs.


Do solar panels need maintenance?

Do solar panels need maintenance?

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Yes, solar panels need some maintenance, but it's typically minimal and easy to manage. Regular cleaning a few times a year—depending on the type of solar panel installation you have—helps keep them efficient by removing dust and debris. It's also good to inspect them annually for any damage and monitor their energy output to ensure they're performing well.

Proper care can extend their lifespan by a few more years.

Does rain affect solar panels?

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Does rain affect solar panels?

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Rain can be beneficial for some types of solar panels. It naturally cleans them, removing any dirt or debris that might have accumulated. Cooler temperatures during rain can also enhance the efficiency of certain solar panels. While heavy rain might temporarily reduce energy output, the impact is typically minimal, and some solar panels can quickly return to full productivity once the rain stops.

How long does it take for solar panels to start generating electricity?

Rain can be beneficial for some types of solar panels. It naturally cleans them, removing any dirt or debris that might have accumulated. Cooler temperatures during rain can also enhance the efficiency of certain solar panels. While heavy rain might temporarily reduce energy output, the impact is typically minimal, and some solar panels can quickly return to full productivity once the rain stops.

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